I – Me – Myself

talk therapyA dialogue within.

Scene I

I           : I am so sad.

Me       : Well of course you are. What you wanted isn’t going to happen.

I           : Yeah… =/

Me      : You have the time to mourn about it. You have the right to be sad.

I          : But it’s tiring to be sad.

Myself : Because you use the same amount of energy to feel the flip side. The only difference is, one feels lighter.

I          : I like to feel light.

Myself : Then don’t be sad.

Me      : How can she not be sad?! It’s like not getting what you asked for at Christmas!

I          : It feels more than that though.

Myself : It is more than that. Don’t deny how it feels.

Me       : You are totally not helping here! You’re adding more sadness!

Myself : Because she is denying its intensity.

I          : I am not!

Me      : She is not.

Myself : Then why do you hover at its sadness? Why stay in this limbo? Let yourself feel everything that comes with it. Then let it go.

Me     : Wouldn’t that make her plummet down?

Myself : It could… but isn’t it more tiring floating aimlessly than diving in the deep and swim back up? Don’t you want to feel that rush? Wouldn’t you rather feel where you are heading, either down or up, instead of feeling whatever, staying where you are?

Me       : Me missed a step somewhere there…

I           : I didn’t miss a step. I was stuck in that step with this sadness.

Myself : *big smile*

I          : I need my yoga practice.

Myself : Then go practice.

Me      : Oh, so you can take your mind off it.

I          : No… it is the only way I can release it and let it go.

Scene II

After many, many, many hours.

My Reflection : How are you feeling?

I                     : I practiced and taught today…

(pausing to reflect)

I                    : I am able to come back… Within. *big smile*



The moral of the dialogue?

Does yoga keep your sanity?
Heck no…
But it certainly centres all that I am. And it’s a beautiful maddening place to be.

Namaste. =)

5 thoughts on “I – Me – Myself

  1. hehehe i love this and oh, how i can relate. you’re my yoga inspiration these days you know. i have been slacking for so long now and i know i just have to get to that one class. (tell me why getting to that one class is so hard!) XO aleya


    1. Funny. I’m the exact opposite. You have to pry me out of the studio so I’ll stop practicing 😉

      But there are other stuff I have a difficult time with like you… say going to the gym. I yap more than work out. I guess it has to sit in your heart, sweets. Right now you have other priorities… but maybe… just try and sit still and listen to your body. Then eventually, your heart will be heard. We tend to do a lot of things so the whispers our heart makes..? Become muffled.

      And thank you for that compliment. I’m very honoured and appreciative I can inspire you… though you’re still not going!! Lol! xo


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