Irony of an Epiphany


Remember the emphasis on the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centered. ~ Osho

It’s amazingly sweet how we receive epiphanies when we actually sit and be still.

Last Saturday was a day I allowed only for myself and my mat. From 8:30 am until 4:00 pm, I holed myself in our local studio, practiced for two heavenly classes and ended with a delicious workshop. To say I am fully limber and stretched is the least description; however tired from my full time job during the week, passing out on each yin pose during the workshop… something quite divine happened.

The first practice yielded to a bit of a struggle to shush my nagging ego-centered thoughts; diverting them instead to wonderful, warm thoughts. See, I do believe that it is quite ridiculous for me to empty my mind. I can, however, pile them distantly in a corner, choose a really pleasant thought… and like a disinfectant, clear away the pile of egos that will eventually result in my own decay.

I held on to that beautiful thought, envisioning it before my eyes, and feeling the love and warmth enveloping my heart.

But I keep losing myself not knowing how to be here, wherever here is. Too afraid to lose my balance, I tend to take a step back. I have always been a risk taker and spontaneously dipping my toes everywhere. Because it is fun. It is challenging. It is an adrenalin rush. All very external. There is an inner piece though that secluded itself for a very long time. And to keep it secured, I instinctively pull back – scared that upon its release, I’d fall again. And the balance gone. And I’d fade away. Blah blah blah…

The past weeks have been trying times. We’ve all had them in some form or another. But they were tests for myself to release my secluded inner piece. I banged my head on the wall the first few days. Some days, pulling my hair…

Then I go back to those wonderful, warm thoughts…
The wall disappeared. And my hair remained glorious.

Something has been growing with my inner piece. Like a kindred soul who holds my hand, with whom I feel myself smiling as I hold onto his hand… it wasn’t tightening or clinging at all, as I feared it would be… but the more I release what’s inside, the more expansive the growth is. Consuming, yet freeing… I find it odd to feel it. New, yet familiar. It is why I needed to pause… What is this amazing thing building in my heart??!

“(This is) trust”, a sweet voice said.

I am beginning to trust… I told myself. And repeated several times.

We all know trust. I know its definition. I know quotes about it.
All knowledge.
But do I feel it? Do I actually have that feeling within my heart??

Trust flourishes like a potato plant, mostly underground. ~ Marge Piercy

I first laughed at this quote for its bluntness. But oh, so true.
This trust… is still growing. Happily growing, may I add. Come sunshine, rain, or snow. It is the seed of my inner peace. The very thing that scared me, is the very thing I need. The irony of an epiphany. The irony keeps my balance; it keeps me centered.
Namaste. =)

15 thoughts on “Irony of an Epiphany

  1. Well said, Maia….

    It’s a state of being….a level of existence where the degrees of Truth become available to our inner sensations. It;s a gradual, demanding evolution….each degree of Truth expands our capacity to trust. Cause and effect….

    Just a thought….


    1. Wonderful thought, Rob! =)

      I like your words – “It’s a gradual, demanding evolution” – my goodness! is it ever!! It has been a whirlwind without the feeling of being sucked into… it’s beyond me!


          1. Every degree of spiritual advancement brings us to the edge….the transition point between the current and future degrees of awareness. Some will hesitate at the edge…..others will reaffirm themselves and plough forward. ….the rest is just Light work.


            1. Neither hesitating or ploughing forward… more like dancing around the edges, feeling it. Until my heart swan dives…

              Though at times I feel the dive has happened. It just seems so new… like it’s not plummeting down at all. So surreal…


    1. It wasn’t a book. I find them lots in posts over the internet within the yoga community. I may have heard it at first during teacher-training… I just often hear it, without actually listening to what Osho is saying at my face. Lol xo


  2. aw, i love this post. reading it made me smile, esp when i could feel you recognizing that sweet voice. what a beautiful feeling it must be to move from ‘knowing’ the trust to actually ‘feeling’ it. it is a courageous thing and something i am building within. i know i can’t rush the process. oh, and epiphanies are awesome!! ; ) lotsa love. xo


    1. Sweetest voice indeed! I honestly asked out loud, well, sort of… “What are you inside me??!!!”
      It’s a truly beautiful feeling! Fear seems to keep melting. I mean, it can still creep up; but it’s not that intense anymore. I don’t know how else to describe it. There are still the unexpected sadness here and there – yet this is totally different, a different place to be.

      The odd thing , too is – I wasn’t entirely working on it. Things happen leading to the edge, only allowing life to flow and then engaging myself in the process, to what feels good… I held on to what feels good… then ta-da…! xo


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