A Letter to Juliet


Dearest Juliet,

It is not enough I write thee
For words have nought to bring fairness
Yet solace mine heart seeks
Ease all ghostly sorrow.

Wilt the fearful night wash away to morn
Distant wish in a faraway land
Be gone to the even I speak
Let not mine dreams wither.

I knew not why such fate has bestowed
Upon the dismal voices uttered
Lest treachery destiny has tried
To whose faith left distraught.

Come, Juliet, and play to appease
Sleep for a time and doth give rest
Let mine heart lay in waiting
‘Til my Romeo take thence with his.

I say before, not love until death
But doubt not in the end be together
Let all the Juliets perchance read this letter
For the many tomorrows mine love keeps.


A touch of Shakespearean mood,

12 thoughts on “A Letter to Juliet

    1. Lucky you! Iโ€™ve often wondered the feeling of being there, whether it is as ethereal as my mind thinks it is. Perhaps one day…
      Thank you for visiting here! =)


      1. I think you would have to book a private after-hours visit for the etherial feel as it is quite busy with tourists, especially during summer. Verona itself is everything you could possibly want it to be and well worth a visit ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. love it…i was at that balcony one morning about 3 months ago. right when it opened so nobody else around. rubbed juliet’s left bosom for good luck, as per custom hehe. verona is such a special place. it was the hardest city for me to leave when i was in italy. something magic…xo


    1. I knew you would like this post!!! I remember you writing about it, and even asked you to rub one for me. =)

      Dreaming about it already feels magical for me.

      The real point of all this is – Did you write a letter to Juliet?!! xo


      1. no i didn’t but interestingly a good friend just asked me two days ago about this and if i have seen the film ‘letters to juliet’. she couldn’t believe i hadn’t lol – so i’m going to watch it this weekend! oh and you changed your blog name, i was wonderin’ who that was for a sec. i like it!!


        1. Oh damn that movie! Such a chick flick but gah!! It was very tormenting for me to tell whether I feel for the older โ€œJulietโ€ or the younger one… youโ€™ll see. hehehe…

          Yes, the needed change on my blog. Eventually, the URL as well. I read through the wp support here and itโ€™s more techy-stuff, especially when I want to keep the old link to link back to the new link… Iโ€™m just linking all over!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          And thank you, as always, for your gracious support. I love the fact that blogging here truly is encouraging to keep evolving.

          I still owe you a comment. Your last post is flicking a nerve in me, and I need to settle it down. Else, I may have a narrative of a comment again! Lol! xo


          1. lol it’s ok about the comment, it did feel quite risky for me to write it, but i’m glad i did. once i’ve put the word out, so to speak, it’s the extra push for me to live what i’ve written about. to see if i’m all talk, or if i have the action to back it up. ๐Ÿ˜‰


            1. You so have the action, girl! I am so proud of you flicking back that raw nerve and challenged yourself. And here I am, trying to calm the chafe that rubbed on me. Such is life. Forever trying to be a superhero… only to be tossed by Kryptonite. ๐Ÿ˜‰
              Youโ€™re one of my superheroes thus far. =)


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