A Letter to Juliet


Dearest Juliet,

It is not enough I write thee
For words have nought to bring fairness
Yet solace mine heart seeks
Ease all ghostly sorrow.

Wilt the fearful night wash away to morn
Distant wish in a faraway land
Be gone to the even I speak
Let not mine dreams wither.

I knew not why such fate has bestowed
Upon the dismal voices uttered
Lest treachery destiny has tried
To whose faith left distraught.

Come, Juliet, and play to appease
Sleep for a time and doth give rest
Let mine heart lay in waiting
‘Til my Romeo take thence with his.

I say before, not love until death
But doubt not in the end be together
Let all the Juliets perchance read this letter
For the many tomorrows mine love keeps.


A touch of Shakespearean mood,

12 thoughts on “A Letter to Juliet

    1. Lucky you! I’ve often wondered the feeling of being there, whether it is as ethereal as my mind thinks it is. Perhaps one day…
      Thank you for visiting here! =)


      1. I think you would have to book a private after-hours visit for the etherial feel as it is quite busy with tourists, especially during summer. Verona itself is everything you could possibly want it to be and well worth a visit 🙂


  1. love it…i was at that balcony one morning about 3 months ago. right when it opened so nobody else around. rubbed juliet’s left bosom for good luck, as per custom hehe. verona is such a special place. it was the hardest city for me to leave when i was in italy. something magic…xo


    1. I knew you would like this post!!! I remember you writing about it, and even asked you to rub one for me. =)

      Dreaming about it already feels magical for me.

      The real point of all this is – Did you write a letter to Juliet?!! xo


      1. no i didn’t but interestingly a good friend just asked me two days ago about this and if i have seen the film ‘letters to juliet’. she couldn’t believe i hadn’t lol – so i’m going to watch it this weekend! oh and you changed your blog name, i was wonderin’ who that was for a sec. i like it!!


        1. Oh damn that movie! Such a chick flick but gah!! It was very tormenting for me to tell whether I feel for the older “Juliet” or the younger one… you’ll see. hehehe…

          Yes, the needed change on my blog. Eventually, the URL as well. I read through the wp support here and it’s more techy-stuff, especially when I want to keep the old link to link back to the new link… I’m just linking all over!!! 😉

          And thank you, as always, for your gracious support. I love the fact that blogging here truly is encouraging to keep evolving.

          I still owe you a comment. Your last post is flicking a nerve in me, and I need to settle it down. Else, I may have a narrative of a comment again! Lol! xo


          1. lol it’s ok about the comment, it did feel quite risky for me to write it, but i’m glad i did. once i’ve put the word out, so to speak, it’s the extra push for me to live what i’ve written about. to see if i’m all talk, or if i have the action to back it up. 😉


            1. You so have the action, girl! I am so proud of you flicking back that raw nerve and challenged yourself. And here I am, trying to calm the chafe that rubbed on me. Such is life. Forever trying to be a superhero… only to be tossed by Kryptonite. 😉
              You’re one of my superheroes thus far. =)


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