awakening | carl jung

Succumb to the depths of deep slumber
Restless sleep naught to any answer
Amassing a shield, a shroud, shrinking to cower
Reaching out a hand for that soft whisper.

Prodded from repose, ignored, left unnoticed
The assuage from pain too wearisome to resist
Unceasing rousing, swearing yet not promised
From afar an honest soul bearing only the truest.

Endless paring – recoiling, wincing, flinching to bleed
This heart succours calmly encouraging the need
Uttering soft goodbyes allow the old be buried
Shackles released, unfettered core now freed.

Revived from the tomb disrobed from within
Discarding the mantle that once cloaked the skin
Chafed from somber whipping flay to begin
This heart murmurs it can never be how it once been.


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