Finding Strength

strong antWhere does one find the muscles…
Like a horse galloping
Seeing its flank as it races its gait?

Where does one find the brawn…
Like a knight in battle
Full face and sheathed in armour?

Where does one find the power…
Like the orders of the angels
Tasked as guardians against evil?

Where does one find the sturdiness…
Like the pillars of the Parthenon
Withstanding the test of time?

Where does one find the endurance…
Like a climber scaling the peak
Surviving the elements of nature?

The horse can get fatally injured.
The knight can be felled with a pole weapon.
Even the angels become fallen angels.
The Parthenon has been maliciously ruined.
The climber suffers the temperament of the environment.

Where does one find strength then?


The strength lays after all those have happened.


9 thoughts on “Finding Strength

        1. Exactly! High five on that!
          We don’t really want to relive history, our past… but take what we can from it and better ourselves. I always find all those old stories, history in itself, quite a big whack when I complain a lot. 😉


  1. Very empowering, but the questions that lead to the answer make this so much more, giving it a complexity. There are always many facets to a journey, how it makes and breaks us. The road is never clear-cut.

    It’s within. Always within.

    Compelling work. Happy Sunday.


    1. It is always complex, only to realize after all that has happened, it begins from the inside, our hearts.
      But then this is usually not easy to grasp. We tend to look on the outside more, clinging to what’s external. Such is the road! Quite bumpy, less traveled; yet nonetheless, worth the trek…

      Thank you for visiting. Happy Sunday to you, too! =)


        1. That is so sweet of you to say!!! I’m greeting you now a Happy Christmas! Lol…

          Blogging here serves as great post-it notes for reminding ourselves, myself. My heart has been opening… thank you again. =)


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