authenticityAs I have tried different mantras to help me focus, whether in yoga or elsewhere, they tend to lose their connection within me as the days wore on. I’ve asked myself what could be the reason why they tend to slip from the meaning as when I first tried it. And the answer leapt in my mind… we all have our own mantras in life. Most of us just don’t realize it. We may tend to say to ourselves, “I am lonely”, or “I am an idiot” or to put in a brighter perspective, “I am a butterfly”, or “I am a passionate person”. Such words hold power without us realizing them. Say it often enough, each single day, each moment, it becomes your mantra.

I keep saying, “I am a yogi”… well… ta-da!

Mantra is an invocation with the assistance of a higher power to create transformation. It is sacred to the Universe, spiritual to yourself, and mystical on its own. The more you say something, the more likely it happens. Such is the law of attraction of the Universe. So why not revise our mantras to something that would mean more to us, something that gives us strength as we venture the path, something that gives us courage taking it along in our journey, something to guide us find ourselves?

brave story

I stared at my tattoo. This is something that would be with me forever. People often asked why I keep adding vines. I always answer, that it is growing… without any second thoughts to what my answer could mean. Whether being laughed at or appreciated, ridiculed or admired; for the last four years, that has been my reply…

“My vines are growing”.

I tried out a new mantra. Something I made just for myself. I’ve gone through so many Sanskrit words that could possibly “fit” me. Today it took me to a sunny place, vine-filled oasis. Still blurry, unclear; but it made me smile to feel peace even the briefest moment. I am almost there. It is having your soul reach that odd yet familiar place, almost like you’ve been there before; and given another chance to revisit, to learn again, and gain more wisdom.

“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain” ~ Robert Gary Lee
And I believe my heart found its own mantra through acceptance of growing pains.

paulo coehllo | wounds transformation

आरोहति सत्य

Arohati Satya. (pronounced ah – ruh – hat – e, sat – yah).

Grow true.

Funny how a mere thought, bring it to reality, and it manifests to you later on. The Universe made me realize why my vines are growing.

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