Let it Be

“…Consider your greatest moments…
How many were spontaneous vs planned…” ~ David Culiner

echart tolle | life evolution

There are moments in our lives when things don’t turn out as how we planned them to be. We then feel disappointed; but only because we expected. There’s nothing wrong with a calculated idea; but there’s nothing wrong either with being open to other options. Open your heart allowing the light to shine through. Only then can you see.
Let it be.

We chanced upon new friendships that seem to be the missing link to an otherwise sundered personalities that we all possess. Then people evolve… and somewhere along the way, the friendship evolves, too. The world is the sea… friendships can go deeper… or they can be passing ships that sail along the ripples and waves. For better or for worse, welcome the evolution of the sea.
Let it be.

Cocooned in our comfort zone, we remain secured. Yet always haunted by the question, “What if…?” Shun away this ghost and kick your butt off that safety net. Allow the possibilities to happen. Only in venturing will your question be answered. Become the butterfly you are meant to be.
Let it be.

Nothing in this world is constant. The more that we try to prevent anything from changing, the more it becomes a relentless struggle for us to appreciate it, the grandeur of its beauty. Either it brings you tears or laughter, allow it to happen. Even if it pierces you or it soothes you, live that moment. Whether it suppresses you or encourages you, spread your arms to life’s surprises.
eckhart tolle | life evolution
Learn from such surprises.
Flow with the spontaneity.
It’s what life is all about.
Trust your life. Trust yourself.
And let it be.  तथैव अस्तु

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