Twist My Arm

the whole truth

At the top of a vision lay this truth. The whole truth. For most people, they create a vision of bliss, of serenity, of peace. I call that a dream, and I can forever close my eyes and take that in.

And that is where I will remain.

A vision is entirely different. A vision begins with a whisper from your heart and grows into your hands and feet. It is workable. It is attainable. A vision is something acceptable. It is not about wishing thinking. It is taking what we have and using what we have to move on. Never skipping steps, for we rush into an ending without relishing the toil of our hands and the calluses of our feet.

Today I paused to still myself and to understand where I am at. A million chatters razed my heart to what seemed an eternity. I am exactly at the same spot where I left the last time. To bolt out of where I was sitting tempted me; only to realize it was one those monkeys taunting me to run.

observeI remained where I was, rooted to the very spot where my heart is threatened. Trusting the rising of hair on my nape, the pounding of my chest, I chose to listen and not only hear, to see with my eyes closed and not graze the surface. To breathe in and accept that I am here because I am given the chance to do it all over again, perhaps to experience the same feelings again… … … (hurt, fear, sadness… love)… so I may make it better, for others and most of all, for myself. I am here at the same spot because I can choose how to react, how to deal with it, no matter how similar the feelings are – to take the high road and laboriously hike the peak of the vision… or to plunge in the rabbit hole and live falsely in a dream.

“You can’t control the things that happen to you, but you can control the way you react to them.”

This is my truth. The whole truth. One I can not run away from. It will keep happening, haunting at some point, until I grow to change myself. I will not make it define me. Not anymore.
(Please… not anymore…)

clever, wise rumi
Same friggin’ twist-my-arn situation.
But I choose to be a different me.
This time.

I still have my other arm free.

5 thoughts on “Twist My Arm

    1. There is a sign by the health food store I go to. They change the signs weekly. This week it read this:
      “Don’t stumble over something behind you.”

      I’ve had a lot of bruises. We all have. But we can always choose whether to say…
      “My bruises are horribly ugly and feel painful”
      “My bruises add character to my life”.

      I’m not there there… wherever there may be. But I feel I’m on the right track. xo


      1. That is awesome.
        You’re somewhere, and that’s where you are. “There” is usually along the way, anyway—getting there is just as important as being there. I’m glad you’re on the right track. That’s a good place. xo


  1. thank you for this. i have been running around in circles over the same old stuff but i do have a vision that with patience, forgiveness, and surrender, i will climb the peak and see this whole new vista i envision is there. you are awesome! xo


    1. You are as awesome… it’s why we sooo click!! I totally have been missing you, and I know I haven’t been on here often. I’ll send you an email about something, ok?

      Right now, I think it’s not exactly going in circles for me. It seemed a turnaround when it happened again. And gurrrl… it friggin’ scared the beejeezus out of me! I panicked, I retreated at first… but something stronger was calling on me to sit it out, wait what unfolds and take it from there. Different person, different scenario… but friggin same emotions… that I know I can find semblance yet trusting that I can work around it, making it better for myself, and for the other person involved… something, someone higher and more divine than I am placed me in the same spot because I can always adapt newness to it…
      I’ve babbled… haha… what’s new?


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