Heart Trails

pain | kahlil gibranThere are times when the pinches amount to bruising
And all we can do is cry, letting the tears fall
To only feel what is overwhelming in our hearts…

Not because it is too painful or distressing
But because it is so raw and so tender…

Where the bruises show me what is real
Of how intense and poignant these feelings can be
Where the bruises leave marks to a place untouched
Discovering more truths I ever dared to go…

Yet leaving me unfazed in spite the tears in my eyes
Because each tear drop is a piece of nurtured trust
Grown and encouraged by the very pinches that bruised me…

Such bruises I shall forever treasure
As these bruises lead me to free myself…

heart trails

Pinch my heart more that I may gain more bruising
Leaving me with the remainder of knowing the real me

From the trails the bruises have imprinted
Trails from my heart guiding me to free my soul.

Following my heart…

4 thoughts on “Heart Trails

    1. Many moons ago, I am afraid of getting hurt, feeling pain… so we find this comfort nook and sit there… simply watching the world go by…
      It killed me more than to bear the aches… because we are not mere audience to the world’s show; we are the actors.
      Oooohh… sounds like a good topic to write… love this light bulb flickerings!!

      The pinches are needed. Only when we feel the hurt then we can allow ourselves to release the toxins invading our hearts.
      When I go see my masseur, as soon as I lay down, knowing I have hamstrings issues, I’d say to him: “Hurt me!”… and he laughs, and we both understand. =) xoxo


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