Own Choreography

figure me outI have made plenty of mistakes in my life.

Haven’t we all? In the symphony of life, the music plays and we dance. I view mistakes as dance steps we are meant to learn.

There would be the long, gliding process of making a decision
Pausing when in doubt
Uncertain to go on… The Tango.

The times when we are on a high
With fluid and graceful movements
Then we trip, miss a step… The Ballet.

We hear drumbeats as our hands and arms mime the sound
Hips undulating in figure eights to the chantings of the mele
We hear but do we listen… The Hula.

When we casually slide along a path
Tapping our feet here and there
Merely dipping our toes in; but not realizing the full potentials… The Shuffle.

Nervous and agitated with the spins and twirls we cast
Rushing to the jazz tempo of splits and acrobatic maneuvers
Yet relying on others to catch us from our stunts… The Jitterbug.

And the dance that mimics the rhythm of the heartbeat
Feeling the music and moving the body to the rhythm
The rhythm, is it yours or others… The Reggae.

It doesn’t matter whether we have two left feet. Or whether we step out of rhythm. Or whether some muscles have long since hibernated. What matters is to listen to your own music and simply dance away, faltering or not, with or without mistakes.

just dance“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Your dance, is your own creative expression. It is your own art painted and splashed with your true colours. When we grasp the entirety of our experiences – the dance steps, the peaks, and the blunders – only then can we fully appreciate life’s symphony and carry on the beat and rhythm of our own music, in our own cadence, in our own strut.

So strut away and create your own choreography.
Then come dance with me…
Namaste. =)

10 thoughts on “Own Choreography

      1. Yogacara the buddhist philosophical stance that our experiences are based on our mind and consciousness conditions. In the poem for instance you speak of grasping life’s experience’s and only then appreciation can be had. What you are conveying is yogacara, some call it mental alchemy, Buddha would call it Consciousness Transcendence where our mind states bring about a certain experience and if we focus our intent subjectively then we can achieve states such as appreciation and more. =) I loved the dance imagery but I was sort of reading beyond it.


  1. Dancing is scary to me. What will people think of the way I move; I never feel good enough at it. I can’t surrender to the music. Hmm…I think I also have trouble surrendering on my mat.
    Beautifully written Maia, thanks for the metaphor, and the food for thought!


    1. Aaahh, Bonnie… please be gentle on yourself. You are as good as anyone else where you are at this moment. Does it really matter what ‘they’ think?? Too often we only hear what others say other than listening to what our hearts whisper. And sometimes, even when no one says anything, we still do not allow ourselves to at least notice our hearts…

      Remember our core sequence? What I said then? Those blah-blah-blahs? We trust what ignites within us and not what our thoughts are telling us. Ain’t always easy… and you are right… only when we truly surrender.
      See you soon! =)


  2. Another thoughtful and inspirational post Maia. I too love your words and poetic metaphor… and I also love to dance… literally, as well as to the deeper rhythms of life. Moving freely to the beat is so liberating! …and a beautiful practice in itself. Blessings + Namaste


    1. Dance is an expression of life. Our practice in itself is already our expression – how we stand on the mat, how we move on the mat… it’s a deeper connection than most people see. Only when we release our own rhythm do we experience its beauty.
      Namaste. xo


  3. now i’m inspired to go to the next ‘dance divine’ event here…it’s been a while and every time i’ve gone in the past i’m just amazed at how cathartic, healing, and FUN dance is. esp when it’s done with a bunch of conscious people. 😉 thanks xo aleya


    1. Dance, literal and metaphorical, has always been within me. Even when practicing or teaching yoga, I feel like I’m dancing… and they see me as if I’m dancing. Depending on what goes through in my life at that moment, it is very much reflective on my practice. Miss ya! xo


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