Paraiso is the Spanish translation for Paradise.

We all wish to be in such a place, having our dreams and aspirations met. We travel, trying hopefully to seek that abode, neither knowing if it is heaven we are seeking… or was it running away from creating one?

Seven years ago, I made a slide presentation for the Christmas season, hoping that the rising community of fellow migrants would share the same Paradise I was seeking for. I duly presented my case to the committee, having friends as members. I wanted the presentation be shown in the upcoming Christmas Party.

There was my speech, reminding everyone in the panel that Christmas is not all about festivities. It’s not all about having a dressed up Santa handing out gifts to the children; it’s not all about having a show where people prepare a song or dance number; it’s not all about having a feast with an array of foods.

My speech emphasized the art of giving, that it is seeking in one’s heart what giving truly means. I wanted my community to share my cause to give back to the Paradise we have all left.

The slides were never shown.
It was rejected as a flick of a fly landing in an ice cream cone.
And the one person I thought would defend my cause, did not: and instead, remained silent, and went along with what the other members wanted – hire a Santa and party away. I don’t think my heart has forgotten what that felt like.

I buried my sentiments and never said anything after. But it opened my eyes to how reckless and mindless people can be, and yes, cruel… never seeing the world as it is… never seeing the truth of it all. We rather parade in comfort than extend a hand to those who are in need, to those who are abused.

Each time I feel the world is against me, that I have this burden Atlas has been carrying… I turn to the slides. It humbles me. To the point I feel as small as an ant. Microbe even. I feel I am not even worthy to complain at all.

Now I am no Angelina Jolie, nor a Bono… just a small yogini with good intentions. I can not change the world… but if I can change your hearts, even some, then my cause would see its worth. It doesn’t even have to be the Paraiso in the slide. You can find Paradise everywhere.
PeaceHelp me make a stand.

Peace to the World.

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