Black and Blue

white rose

“If we need an image of that light within us for the sake of the mind that becomes lost in its brilliance, we might see a single white rose poised toward eternity while still glistening in the early morning sun.” ~ Robert Rabbin

Delicate petals subdued with early dew

Awaiting the warmth, the sun to renew

Buzzing and flutters, some cared, some knew

Another night passed a rose cannot undo.

Thorns that prick like the spindle in a tale

Meant to stay safe, sheltered in its veil

Uncertain of its significance, tender and frail

“Touch me”, it pleads, lamenting its wail.

For the rose fears its ashen purity may fade

Tender movements its petals displayed

Its whiteness becoming, see it real, feel it true

An untouched white rose sadly wilts to black and blue.


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