Rough Ruffs

rough ruffsThe first night is a haze as I slowly crawled out of bed when my alarm went. Quieting down the tune of Lord Knows by the Dum Dum Girls… and this is exactly how I’ve felt then – dumdum. After I’ve gulped down my first mug of caffeine, I checked how much time I have to prepare for my yoga class. There before my eyes in its big, bold oven digits, I woke up two hours ahead of schedule, not including the extra two hours I always allow myself to try and wake up. I am on dayshift mode. Dumdum.

Work has been insane. And the next night I awoke early again. No alarm because I failed to set it and found myself passed out on the couch, my dog cuddled with me. I wonder how and why I got there since there is no reason to hang out on the couch. No tv there, not even reading materials. Decided to shower and saw kale bits between my teeth. Wonderful. Had there been a Prince Charming to wake me from my beauty sleep… … he’ll be long gone then.

Third night, I woke up again with no alarm, probably an internal one that keeps dinging in my ears… Opened the cupboard to brew coffee and wham!! The corner of the cupboard door attacked my right temple and a throbbing star shines before my eyes. Dangit!! And I realized at this point, having woken up from the wham, that I need not be awake at this time. Again. Because ‘Hello, Maia…! You’re on evening shift!’ Dumdangit!! Then I couldn’t go back to bed, having to wait for my temple to stop bleeding. So now I have a cut there, a chinky third eye, I call it. Awesome.

Did I say work has been crazy?? I come home on the fourth night tight as the pursed lips of a nun who had just caught students giggling instead of praying. And yes, I have been guilty of that a lot many moons ago. I have to stretch and I practiced a sequence apt for what my body is telling me. After about two hours, I woke up on my mat in Pigeon pose. My left leg has fallen asleep. There is about two steps to take from my mat to my bed, crawling there, literally, that seems to have taken an eternity to reach my pillows. Then the blood started rushing and I cursed and laughed at my leg. Finally settling to my resting pose… … breathing deeply… … … Gaddumdangit!! Now I need to do the other side of Pigeon. My curses at this point have gotten longer and longer, obviously.

The final evening shift for the week and I swore to myself to remain keen and aware. I almost needed toothpicks to keep my eyelids from shutting close. I woke up to the tune of the Dum Dum Girls once again… and Lord Knows the alarm is at the right time. Dashed off to teach and realized during class that my Lulu crops are worn inside out… … … “Allow me to dim the lights as we deepen our poses to release the tightness in our bodies, being only aware of your own breath and my voice”. Oh yeah, I totally winged it.

Long weekend ahead, a bit busy, but looking forward to some mindful quiet moments here and there. Rough week caused some feathers get ruffled. But the rough ruffs on the outside add frills and thrills to LiFe on the inside.

I can probably stop cursing at this point.
Namaste. =)

8 thoughts on “Rough Ruffs

  1. You made it though the week in one piece. 🙂 I tend to go into auto-pilot during these moments of change and flux – although I tend to forget stuff instead of wearing it inside out 😉 I hope you have a beautiful time today, take care!


    1. Yup. One piece with an extra eye!!

      I actually find it refreshing that I remember each night. Meaning it’s not auto pilot. That feeling makes life go by in a blur. Folks at work tend to look forward next day how my night went. Good laughs. It’s not the greatest to be going through this; my body is very confused. But we can always view it differently. That’s what counts, no?


  2. aw sister i felt i was right there with you during that crazy week! i can sorta relate as i’ve been wide awake at 4-5am every day – dang time difference lol. but i do hope this week brings peace, rest, and ease for you…and less cursing! sweet vibes to you. xo.


    1. Ohhh… yours is more challenging. Jet lags are amazing to deal with. I’ve had times when I stare at the other people sleeping normally.
      I hope your body resets soon. And your body adapt easily back to your daily rituals.

      Though I sense you are still savouring the feelings and sensations. How sweet it can be to be able to place them in a bottle! But I guess that’s why we can’t. So we keep creating those experiences.

      I love it when at the end of my yapping, enlightenment is attained. Yup. Must be your sweet vibes!! xo


    1. Lol. The image is an icon worth to remember to maintain equilibrium. Yes, I am mindful being spirited. In spite crazy schedules. There are times when all we can do is laugh about it. And be punchy!

      Thank you for visiting my post. =)


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