Betwixt and Between

Walking down memory lane on my Yoga Teacher Training…


Giving a brief introduction among ourselves, we took turns in a circle saying 2-3 sentences about us that first came to mind as the question was asked. Considering that it was the first day being in class, a yogi or not, there is still the awkward feeling, the shyness… … uhmm, okay, I can see you smirking… maybe the shyness isn’t applicable to me… so let’s say, fear… fear of what those 2-3 sentences would evolve into. Stay true and be honest. Can’t go wrong with that. I scolded myself.

I fumbled for those sentences in my mind… was thinking about… my son and that he needed a haircut… there’s Brill living with a sitter and with other dogs… still need to make up some time at work for the days I’d be away… Did I leave the lampshade and night light turned on in my place… … Why the heck am I thinking of these things?

Use your breath and focus, I scolded myself again…

1 – I am a curious adventurer in a search.
2 – I believe that the search is here.
3 – I trust what I believe.

In reflection, I had no idea what I was searching for. Only an intuition to go through the training… and perhaps, create something from there and from then on. Too long have I hovered over this “search”. Not knowing what or why. Neither here or there. Both afloat and submerged. Dancing around, betwixt and between.

On the last day, we gather ourselves again in a circle, taking pictures and goofing around. This time, going back to the first day, each yogi graciously giving three words to describe one other yogi at a time.
But I was also asked a question regarding the 2-3 sentences we initially introduced ourselves with.

Have you found what you were searching for?

With no hesitation. Without any thought. The answer is ready. I smiled and replied… …
It was inside me all along.

I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside. ~ Rumi

Posted somewhere from a yogic past.
And to Mikial… thank you for helping me remember.
Namaste. =)

YTT 2012.goofy YTT 2012.awesome

8 thoughts on “Betwixt and Between

  1. “You always had the power in you Dorothy” as Glinda the good witch told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
    Just as it was always inside Dorothy, it was also always inside you.

    The power of the mat never ceases to amaze me!



    1. Thank you for dropping by, Bonnie! xo
      It wasn’t a yellow brick road… but yoga mats lined up my own path. It’s crazy how we’ve read stories, watch movies, over and over again… and each time, a new spark lights up inside us.


    1. For most, the answers get buried with ego – expectations, desires, principles, etc. It is not easy to shovel them away.
      Not dig… more like whacking them with the shovel. 😉


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