L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

Whatever..Happens..Happens..I began writing this with the title of Ahimsa, the Practice, as a sequel to my other post. After some readings, I changed it to Growing with Emotions. Then I chanced upon the movie, Love Happens on cable. Seen it before… but I may have been multi-tasking then. And because I’ve been feeling physically sh*tty (flu), the ability to multi-task was lost on me.

And that’s a good thing!!

They all seem to tie together as my thoughts swirl… watching the movie, reflecting on Ahimsa, sensing my emotions. And I just said I don’t multi-task. Bah!

Practicing ahimsa is not all about inhibiting oneself to have wicked ways or have evil thoughts. It is an engagement of oneself with the purpose of expressing love in all deeds and ideas. In whatever form. That said, any emotions and beliefs we have, when they are causing harm within us, are always points of consideration for us to take on the challenge and understand, accept, and grow with these emotions and beliefs. I was once told this phrase… “Fake it ’til you make it.” What a bunch of crap that is! And gullible me, all vulnerable and everything, followed that route. And guess what?? I nearly wilted to my very core. Each time a memory springs up, I panic and break down. Because in reality, I ignored my trauma by faking what I feel, or think I feel. I became a zombie inside staying neutral and oblivious to what is really happening. No closure, no reconciliation, and kept going and going.

Just when I thought sh*t happened and nothing could possibly be worse than that… I chose instead to bring a whole load of BS to myself! <pardon the swearing>

When given circumstances that we are having difficulty to accept, we either challenge ourselves to grow with it, or challenge ourselves to change and let go.

Neither of these suggestions seem any easier. And that’s the whole point! Not only would it be more worthwhile because we went through it the hard way… but simply because there are only really two other options left. Dwell and sink in your pain; or grow and rise above your pain. We are given free will to choose what would benefit us; but choose something that would enhance our well-being, not for a short period of time, but for something worth keeping and passing on.

The movie (not even the greatest) is all about this. He faked his traumatic experience, closes his heart ignoring the guilt he faced of his wife’s death. And instead he used the experience to gain prestige and wealth, took advantage of blinding the truth from his followers and from himself. For how long?? No amount of glorification can feed the decay caused by not forgiving ourselves.

L♡ve happens. life... is sooo worth it!Sh*t happens.
Find the closure you need.
Reconcile with yourself.
And L♡ve happens again.
But don’t wait for some mystical occurrence to appear.
Or be on a quest looking for it.
Because Y♡U make it happen.

6 thoughts on “L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

    1. You’re welome. Though that was a spaced-out-half-asleep-me walking aimlessly around the house desperately trying to wake up.

      We all carry the words to either heal or hurt… using the pillow… … pillow talk. 😉


  1. Reblogged this on desperateyogini and commented:
    what an inspiring blog…
    it always surprises me how many are struggling with the same things. when you’re hurting it feels as if you were the only one hurting. which, of course, is a huge load of crap. most of us are hurting, in one way or another, lots of us are in denial about that, and quite a lot of people rather choose the comfort of their own misery instead of dealing with the real problem.
    we all struggle with something and we all have a choice how to deal with that, or not deal with that at all. we all have a choice to be/stay victims of our hurting, or use it to our advantage. because what doesn’t kill us really DOES make us stronger.
    go fight for your well-being, because noone else can do that for you. and right now, I’m doing the same thing.


    1. Thank you! =)
      Compassion to oneself brings a whole new concept in our thoughts that often lead us astray. When we allow self compassion?? The heart becomes stronger and our own truth is revealed… not whatever the mind dictates. Sadness needs to be felt by the heart and let it grieve and mourn; but we need not take it further and farther by sliding into the pit. This is the work of the mind when it leads us into the dark.
      May your heart remain strong…


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