In the book and movie, Eat, Pray, Love, a memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, a profound Italian word escaped through the pages and scenes in both mediums: ATTRAVERSIAMO. In English, it means “to cross over” and/or “to pass through”.

I sit with a smile and watch by my window
My soul seems afloat gazing at the glow
Sensing my heart, my thoughts already know
A treasure I keep like a cradle on a bough
Tethering on the edge, yet timid like a doe
The time will come when I need to go.

Each of us holds a deep dream more intense than mere wants and aches. Not all of us though can come into terms with such dreams. Laden with the past, filled with the present, weighted with the future. We ask ourselves – when do we bring in the dream??
The path remains a path until it is walked upon and becomes your experience. Until we surrender ourselves and act on it, we can stay forever staring at the path.

The warmth inspires me sailing on the wave
Dusting myself off coming out of the cave
Extending my hand out, groping, longing to save
A delicate treasure I’ve kept in the nave
Enthused and enliven, my heart in a thundering rave
I hear the treasure speaks, “Look for little ways to be brave”.

f.e.a.r. Let us find the courage to take the step. It may begin as hovering one foot over. That’s a start. The key is to keep going and not remain stagnant to where we think is already an accomplishment. A stroke of triumph is not the definition of reaching the dream. It only becomes the next comfort zone. And it isn’t as bad… except when we stay as is.

Like the moon I see, a subtle hint for tomorrow
Full with hope, resonating an encouraging echo:
“Take a step; take another on your dream to follow
The only path to cross is where you create and grow
Remain unresponsive and forever you’ll be in limbo
Don’t look back. Trust thy heart. ATTRAVERSIAMO!”

We reap what we sow. What we bring forth is what we bring in.
Note that the Full Moon capitalizes on your own energy and doubles that, even ten-folds!
Plant the seeds of positive energy right NoW and gather the fruits to share your abundance.
Plant the seeds of negativity… … … well, you get the idea. Might end up howling with the werewolves.;)

Honour the Moon’s energy with Chandra Namaskar.
Happy Harvest Moon!
Namaste. =)

3 thoughts on “Attraversiamo

    1. Hahaha! Howl away, sweet one! And to let you know… I was awarded a trophy for 500 likes on my site. YOU being the 500th!! Surely there is some mystical alignment happening here!!
      Thank you and attraversiamo all the way! Keep loving it there. xo


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