Becoming aware of the simple surroundings.
Being appreciative of small things but making your heart feel big.
Expressing thankfulness to the Universe for allowing us see the simplicity and smallness.

Recognizing this past week…

full moon aug 2013 |b

Kritajnata that I saw the magnificence and mysticism of the full moon.

wake me up!

Kritajnata that the sign caught my eye going to my favourite health food store.


core classKritajnata that though I hesitated to concentrate on a core class today, I am grateful I listened to my gut, my own core and awakened their core. Now they only need to learn to listen to theirs.

Kritajnata to The Happsters for sharing her blog. For such a simple and small gesture, yet loud and profound.

Namaste. =)

Om-webbings: Gratitude Sundays

5 thoughts on “Kritajnata

    1. There ya go. One of those small spaces I garner while I was driving. Had to stop at a park for a few minutes that night and allow myself get mesmerized. =)


  1. gratitude – kritajnata – to connect with lovelies like you! sending you vibes of amore from italia. i will be sure to look out for the next full moon; i think i will be in naples at that time. and i think it’s close to the solstice? power!! xox


    1. Goodness!! Probably one of the best places to do a salutation!! Loving your vibes…

      Say your kritajnata always, ok? Opportunities that you have now don’t come often. Ad when they do, we appreciate them to the fullest. And perhaps, the Universe grants us the grace to have more opportunities. xo


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