Make Sense

truth vs fictionI have a vision.
It feels right. It makes sense.
The only drawback is the how. How to make it happen.
I wrap my head around it for possible routes.
Brooding on the process to get there.
They all seem hazy at this time.
Perhaps at this time, the Universe is letting me prepare.
There are lots to prepare for it. Preparation that will not hinder me; only slow me down.
Because of the haze.
I guess I’m rushing things. Paddling my way faster than the flow of the current.
Charging and recharging my spirit with every stroke.
Even when I don’t see what’s in front of me.
Only hurrying to touch the vision.

… … … <pondering>… … …

I guess the haze is around because I NeeD to slow down.
And allow the current to flow through me.
Ceases the struggles.

… … … <mulling over above words>… … …

Not only relating to movement of liquid or gas.
Not only referring to electrical charge.
It is belonging in the present. In the NoW.

… … …

I have a vision.
It feels right. It makes sense.
The haze obscures the sense.
But staying in the current flow, moving with the grace of the haze… … …

make sense

It will clear up.
Trust the process.
Trust the flow of the current.

Kinda makes sense when you play with a few words. =)


8 thoughts on “Make Sense

    1. Ya sure?? The vision sprouted from the ground where as all things from the past come to rest. Not buried; but using the experiences, both happy and sad, as nourishment. Hence, new seedlings, so to speak.

      I’m making you confused, huh? 😉

      I’ll email you soon. Long story but I’ll give the highlights and lowbeams. 😉


    1. Time is a friend. And it will manifest when I’m ready.

      You’re sweet, ya know that??! I know you’d understand.

      Oh… that was French.
      Graci!! 😉


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