For years I’ve looked at the world through rose-colored lenses. It is an endearing trait. And while this sweet quality brings hope and positivity, left unchecked, creates a different world, a world diving into a plummeting illusion. Holding on to the rosiness of the world, the illusion is eventually defined as… … a dream.

It is not.
It is a will-o’-the-wisp. An ignis fatuus.
That hovering luminous light, seemingly like a low fog, flitting in wisps above our own marshes, our own hurting past and scary future. When in reality, there are possibly rotting anger, resentment, and self-pity decaying the very core of our being. But we mask these skeletons with the wisps, skeletons that bring fear and cowardice to be present, to live in the moment, and to flow acceptingly with what we have now. And instead we create a world, out of pain and regret, this hovering quixotic dream filled with romantic, chimerical imaginations to appease a restless soul.

It is a foolish fire to begin with, where one can easily get hooked on, straying us off the path of realistic purposes, of what we are meant to do in and with our lives. To find our true meaning and create a remarkable destiny we owe to ourselves. The same fire burns to the very rawness of our hearts left only with the scorches of the wisps from such false dreams.

fog | will o’ the wisp

I’ve felt the fire.
I’ve been a fool.
And so have you.

I’ve gotten new lenses.
I want to see through the wisps and stop the burning in my heart.
And so do you.

It can be done. Believe it can be done.

Allowing the decay to transform, much like fertilizer, enriching our core to be whole again. Transformation is training ourselves to become adaptable to changes. Whoever they are and whatever they may be in whatever time and wherever the place. Be a catalyst.

Facing the fears with a courageous heart as we take a step forward. For each stride we take is a healing step. Perhaps the slight lift of the legs already causes unease. Learn the difference between being accustomed to pain versus feeling discomfort in the effort.

Letting go of the regrets as we accept the lessons from such pains. No matter how struggling they can be. No matter how they seem to constrict our breaths. They only seem a struggle and a constriction because we still keep holding on with a tight grip.

Growing with our dreams filled with intentions and not of misleading desiderations caused by our own lack and incompletion. We fill our own hearts and make our own souls complete. Not by anyone else.

Using the fire to ignite our hearts emanating our own light and warmth; not scalding or singeing, but intense enough to create our own wisps, hovering where they serve to be inspiring, for our own selves, and even for others.

Don’t let the eluding wisps take over. Enchanting as they appear to be, you have the power to make the wisps will for you.

4 thoughts on “Will-o’-the-Wisp

    1. There’s a fine line between courage and stupidity – I read this somewhere. Fortune cookie, I think! 😉
      And sometimes I don’t know where I am at on that fence line. Until I’m stuck in the mud. Then you can guess pretty well which part of the line where the mud is.


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