Tai-ing (tying) my Chi in the Arts

It is considered an art, martial or not. I’m not certain to what level of art I would venture into it. Not that I have intentions of combating anyone… well… who knows? 😉 But right now, I am sitting on the idea of mastering the technique and skill. The expressions in the Tai Chi graceful movements evokes the effort and ease through the dimension of time one needs to flow within that circle of Chi, the universal energy; the Prana, the life-giving force. Most of us move into our daily lives struggling with our blockages. Blockages inhibiting the energy and force we have within to pour out. Each effort resembles more of a struggle other than to actually appreciate the effort to ease into it. We usually attain a whiff of the Chi and Prana when we are focused and aware, embodying the effort to allow ourselves experience its sensation. I am aiming to experience more of that whiff to come into stillness within me as I move in my Tai Chi and Yoga.

How odd does that sound?
I have to give in to the fact of the type of person I am right NoW. I literally can not be still. But I found that I can be in a meditative state, however, fleeting and shallow, when I move into a yoga sequence. During practice, I can move from one asana to another, flowing with my own breath, the voice of the instructor grazing my surface, and realize after the end of that sequence, I am facing the wrong way. Yet, I did the exact same poses, only in a different direction. I was simply in my own zone. And I find that incredibly amazing!

tai chi arts

So joining the Tai Chi class – that even when I don’t know all the moves (yet… I probably memorized like 1/18th of the whole 108 moves), following these adorable folks swaying forward and back, leaning left and right, arms in fluid motion, I only heard my own breath. No inner voices in my animated head inhibiting me from simply flowing. The Tai Chi guide doesn’t even say anything, except when a sequence is being repeated. The whole group quietly moved and grooved, and I, being in the centre of their formation, tried my clumsy best to follow along.

It felt good. Really good.

Meditation is likewise an art. And for most people who can sit still for hours and stay in tuned with their spiritual plane, I am very much awed at you… and respect and honour you for your skilled stillness. I have much to learn on that art – to be able to quiet down the internal screams that I can only do when I have learned to accept and make friends with my inner demons.
Until then… I am tying my Chi in the art and skill of meditative movements.
Namaste. =)

4 thoughts on “Tai-ing (tying) my Chi in the Arts

  1. wow very nice! my own internal screams are louder than ever…as the days near to my departure all i can see around me is chaos that needs organizing, items that still need purchasing, and more travel plans that need solidifying. fun yes, but…meditation/stillness is definitely out of the question! i’ve even started grinding my teeth at night, oh no!!

    i think the first step to making friends with our inner demons is being conscious enough to know they exist! and then, trusting that they don’t rule us…and, compassion and gentleness with ourselves as we let them melt away, however long it takes…ebb and flow, ebb and flow. love and peace to you my dear!! xo


    1. You’re feeling anxious and that is normal. A mixture of excitement and panic – a good concoction to take in deeply. They are forces you can use productively. Use them to your advantage. Use their energy to ground yourself so when you fly, you can always land on your own two feet.

      I am sooo happy for you, Aleya. You will have the time to meditate and take this all in and appreciate every bit of insanity happening right now. You are awake and alive, girl!! That’s what matters. This is your version of an ebb and flow. For moi, I’ll continue saluting the moon for the next tide to ride in. xo


  2. In the West, I believe flowing, being in the zone, and integrating the whole person in movement has been called “grace” or “gracefulness.”

    Enjoyed your post.


    1. I like that! I love the West then. =) It is really a very ‘moving’ flow of movement. Almost like in a trance yet aware of what’s happening… well, slightly… sometimes I get sooo carried away!
      Thank you for reading. *bows to your grace*


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