108 Spaces

Mala | Peace

108 times my fingers travel moving along;
108 times I chant a phrase, with melody, a song;
108 times flowing in cadence with my breath;
Ironic how the only word that rhymes is death.

The touch on a bead evokes a certain calm,
Entrancing like magic as the wind sways the palm;
The touch on a bead emits a moment of sedation,
Eluding in existence, life’s infinite seduction.

My heart takes the journey within this ring of halo
Each bead is my struggle of things I can not let go;
108 trials, 108 efforts, and perhaps there are more
Sitting pensively, my heart whispers, “You need not keep score”.

It is the space in between the beads where I find relief
A tinge of comfort, a glimpse of ease, however brief;
In this life we have it is where you will come to find
Through the space we create lays the peace of mind.

108 times you will see232990980692342790_T9NmZCor_f
108 spaces to be free.

Namaste. =)
Peacebloggers for peace

8 thoughts on “108 Spaces

    1. I’m always amazed when that happens to me. Was contemplating on something for a while now, a choice on the fork road. And I read something here last night that kinda answered my feelings about it. I thought it to be an insane path to venture. There goes ego… and realized, there are other insane people out there. Here even!!

      Do you own mala beads? I know it’s but a tool… but it has brought some peace. I realize I created it. Still… more like a comfy blanket like Linus. 😉


  1. I really like this about the mala beads. I’ve been thinking about ordering some for a while now. They remind me of a rosary. This has convinced me to order one. It seems like it would be very comforting. Thank you for that.


    1. Bonnie!!! Thank you for commenting. =)
      Try to go to etsy.com and you’ll find a whackload of mala beads to choose from. The beads come in a variety – wood or gems and colours so it depends on what you want. Browse around and go with your intuition. Heed your gut feeling and you’ll know it is the right one for you.
      Also best to read up on it since each variety offers different significance and use.
      I’ll see you tomorrow in class. Namaste! =)


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