Even a stack of modules, the heaviest set of books, an array of bookmarked websites can not make a person learn when we are not open enough to absorb the knowledge. Children, in general, learn rapidly and remember easily because they are like sponges who soak up aNYTHiNG that revolve around their early years. They can adapt instinctively harmonizing themselves in situations or environment. They are receptive, both responsive and sensitive to the many dynamics of everyday life. We do not often see these unique qualities of a child. We know but failed to see more. Because we have lost that inner child when we have grown up.

To view the world through the child’s eye allows creativity in the natural flow of the world. The innocence is always endearing. The wonder is always gripping. Knowing this, why do we keep becoming immature adults? Maturity never meant for us to lose our curiosity to continuously explore.

Each day is always a new beginning, we often say. But do you really feel those words sink into you? As you let yourself go through your mundane activities, each moment offers a bridge to seek your inner child. Cross that bridge and hold hands once again with the child in you.

I am hurt. Physically. My left biceps are wrongly pulled beyond measure for such a skinny arm. Twice with my chiro this week and finally a massage therapist yesterday who provides deep tissue massage. There are blobs of scarred tissues all the way up to the base of my neck. Injuries sustained with me not knowing or ignoring. I now have developed two love-hate relationships with health care professionals in the course of this summer.

The practice and teaching continues, but I need to let go of workshops that are planned. Adaptability.
Both therapists offer tips and suggestions to increase my mobility with less strain. Receptiveness.
It is okay to do Yoga and Tai Chi, they say, but be aware of my limits. Sensitivity.
Quit the self-diagnosis. seek professional help soonest. Responsiveness.
Finding humour in an otherwise, wincing and flinching <literally> experience. Harmony.

To continue teaching involves more and less from me. Unlearning to teach visually most of the time and instead, using verbal cues. This is where the skills of a teacher are tested and further enhanced. How well can I deliver the instructions confidently to keep safety in the class and no further injuries on myself? How well can I be willing to let go of my own teaching style to be able to let new ideas come in on how to teach effectively without feeling that my left arm would fall off? Creativity and exploration.

This is difficult for me. I need my arm, dammit! My passion, my heart needs it. But I also need to learn something from this. No asking why it happened. I will not even venture there. The slight frustration is almost consuming. So, NO! Go away, ego! I am so much more than you think.
I am a child – adaptable, receptive, sensitive, responsive, harmonious, curious, and exploring. I can go with the flow of this new experience. There is much to learn from this. Spontaneity.

May the force be with you.
Namaste! =)

4 thoughts on “Spontaneity

  1. This made me think of something I read in a book “Zen mind, beginners mind”. It’s something like this: “In the beginners mind there are many posibilities, in the experts there are few. [….] This is the real secret of the arts; always be a beginner.” 🙂


  2. I just finished reading your post while my son was watching Star Wars … Listen to the gentle feedback your body is providing you, quite your mind, that little nugget between our ears gets us in so much trouble. 😉 You and I are following a similar path, if you want to let it all out and “vent”? You know how to get a hold of me. Be well friend and please take care. 🙂


    1. Annoying nugget, I tell you. I’m trying not to listen to it. The whole day was spent moving slow and icing the friggin’ biceps. The hamstrings would want attention every so often. Managed to take a nap with my dog cuddling. That was nice. 😉 Then taught two classes, Flow and Power Flow. I know… shush!
      He triggered it, btw, my dog. After that yoga in the park last Sunday, went for a walk with him, and he yanked and pulled and ta-da! It’s not his fault. There were lots of nuggets in my biceps already! My dog is just a bigger nugget. 😉

      I may take you up on that offer. Venting… hmmm… can I simply throw the nugget at you?? =)))


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