Ever-Changing Mat

Ever notice other yogis how they lay their mats down on the floor?
From flicking it like some picnic tablecloth; while others quietly unrolls it.
Some would smooth the curled edges; while others couldn’t care less who eventually end up getting distracted during class when their toes get caught with it.
There are those who lay a towel on their mats in the beginning of a class; while others can remain unfazed with the trickling of their sweat.
A few would arrive at the studio and hurriedly lay their mat down, finding their spot, usually their comfort zone; while others pause at the door looking for their space.

Ever notice other yogis how they choose their mats?
There are those who have stayed loyal to their mats from day one; and others who change their mats every so often.
Quite a number do not own one and settle for what is in the studio; and others who own three to four mats of varying textures and colours.

Ever notice other yogis how they pack their mats?
Most acquire a mat bag, accented in different hues and styles; while some uses sling straps, varied as well.
And there are those who either rolls it back for easier hold, no bag, no straps; and some who folds them.
Some yogis remain standing with their legs so erect as they roll their mats; while some squat down.
Some pull the mat closer to them while rolling; while some walk in baby steps toward the front of the mat as they roll.

Ever notice yourself and your mat?
Ever notice how you lay it down, how you choose to carry it, how you roll it back?
Ever notice how you feel on your mat while in a class?
Slipping? Steady? Squeaking? Silent?

freedom | ever-changing mat

Ever notice how you feel about your mat today? Yesterday?
Stressed? Tired? Worn-out? Attached?
Excited? Open? Honest? Free?
Stretching yourself? In Savasana? Balasana? Prostration pose?

Ever notice how you bring yourself onto your mat is how you bring yourself in your life?

It’s ever-changing.
But you can always choose how..


2 thoughts on “Ever-Changing Mat

  1. woooow…i never realized how telling my mat is. omg it says so much. i won’t go into details but let’s just say your commentary is bang-on! lol. have a great weekend 🙂


    1. Bang, bang, bang! 😉
      It was an observation. Then I began observing myself as well. I am those and probably a whole lot more. Ever-changing.
      Have a good one as well! =)


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