The kinks we feel in a pose are merely manifestations of the kinks that constricts our spirits, our souls to feel free.

What are kinks?
Physically, these are the tightness you feel in some asanas or in any movement.
Mentally, these are the dispositions your mind exhibits shrinking your being.
Emotionally. these are the knots your heart weaves and bears.

Remembering Dory (Finding Nemo)… “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”… when you really think about Dory, her off moments, her memory loss are her awesomest moments because you see HeR. When she’s fun. When she’s vibrant. When she’s full of life! Not saying we need to have Alzheimer’s or short-term memory loss; but notice how the only time when we let go of anything from “swimming” <routines>, are the times where fear sets in. We take a step back…and sadly, we often retreat.

Now notice, too those times when fear creeps in but instead of retreating, you took a breath, calmed your heart, and glided yourself into it. It could be that new plunging ride at the amusement park. It could be this piece of clothing that say a tad much and people would talk about it.
Perhaps an asana you struggle with, say Virabhadrasana III, because you think you know you’d fall off anyway. As soon as you feel the first tightness in the hamstrings, you drop the back leg down, start cursing yourself why you’re not that strong and flexible.


Little do we know that those times are those precious moments that we come back to our TRue SeLVes.
Physically, there is a difference in a stretch between tightness and pain.
Mentally, there is a difference in your edge between teetering and falling.
Emotionally, there is a difference in the bonds you keep whether they strengthen and support you; or whether they limit and entangle you.

Be Dory. Loose the kinks, and bounce at the tops of the jellyfish!
But be mindful of the tentacles. They’re gloriously enchanting! You only need to keep grounded in your vast ocean.

InspiritedSylphicYoga to practice in facing fear:

Matsyasana <Fish Pose>. It is not a coincidence how this is the selected pose!
This is usually done after a Shoulder Stand, whether Salamba<supported> or Niralamba <unsupported> Sarvangasana. This is an upside down pose, your world inside in topsy-turvy, your fear setting in; but somehow realizing it’s not so bad after all.

As a counter pose to experiencing fear and facing it head on, you relax into Matsyasana. This posture allows you to open your heart and lungs, inhaling to breathe in the experience, forgiving yourself for your limitations, and accepting the outcome. The openness is the release you need to exhale out, realizing that fear is mere fear itself, a mask protecting yourself from getting hurt; but likewise inhibiting you to grow, bloom, and flourish. And to bounce on top of the jellyfish.
Namaste! =)

2 thoughts on “Dory

  1. i love all the jellyfish and ducks and water and fish swimming around us these days, imparting their wisdom! i am ready to glide into my fear and soothe my kinks…free, free, free!!


    1. I just told Suzanne Morgan that my sequence in the classes are based on Water Flow by Shiva Rea lately. Funny how it works out.

      We all have kinks to work on. Lifetime learning, sweets! =)


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