Are YoU Gutsy?

From a recent post, I touched base with the gut brain. That innermost connection with your instincts, intuition, and your truth. It is the brain holding no logic nor reason. It is the brain liberated from analytical thinking. It is the brain allowing the natural spontaneity we all have within. It is non-judgemental.

The gut brain is found in your core, your centre. And it comes in many forms. They are the butterflies fluttering in your belly. They are the knots twisting in your stomach. They cause the lumps in your throat and that prickly feeling on your nape. Most of us shelve this sensation thinking it is some form of weakness, a limitation. That’s your cerebral brain aka ego telling you your capacity. While few have tapped it. And we call these profound people as being centred.

We are placed in this world limitless and boundless. It is society that prevailed for us to explore beyond. When you think about all those discoverers, were they limited with the capacity of their cerebral brain alone? The world is round; not flat. From Copernicus to Plato to Magellan, transcending to the earth revolving around the sun, Galileo. They’re great thinkers. The world’s renowned explorers. They were mocked, laughed at, and even imprisoned. Rubbish and heresy, society said. But they held on. They held on to that belief, that nagging instinct, that persistent intuition, that unstoppable truth.

It is when we sense those gut feelings that we are able to think with our hearts guiding us to our paths. We become great thinkers.
It is when we use those gut feelings that we find courage to follow our hearts. We become gutsy.

blaise pascal

To go through or over the trench…


InspiritedSylphicYoga to practice in tapping our gut brain:
Paripurna Navasana <Boat Pose>. During my primitive years in yoga, I asked my instructor why it is called such. Simply because, the pose is shaped like a boat. On a more wuwu-in-depth-level, we bring ourselves into the asana as a boat. Then try and picture yourself as this boat floating in a vast ocean. That is your world out there, unknown but oh, so exciting! The waves are the challenges but they allow you to move and glide around the different aspects of the ocean. The key is keeping yourself bouyant amidst the waves. That’s being gutsy!
Namaste! =)

Asana link from My Yoga online.

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