Ego Boosters

I am a practicing yogini, a yoga instructor, a yoga-talk babbler, an instant yoga therapist, a go-to yoga counselor… my current world clearly revolves in yoga with my satirical, witty son and a hefty, ADHD yellow Lab tagging along. But they do yoga as well… so I win!!!

Yet I have to admit I get caught up, more often than needed, with media and society. With that said, I obviously get lost in non-yogi manners as well, tripping all over my ego, wondering what the heck am I leading myself into. Mindfulness… it’s a trait we all need to have. It’s a trait slippery as an eel. It’s a trait that when lost and found again, makes you want to bang your head on a wall upon realizing you’ll have to do a set of karate chops on yourself.

yoga martial arts

Again, that’s ego right there, even when we have restored mindfulness. Unable to separate the weakness as part of my being and consequently blaming myself for my own limitations. Here is when we push to extremes, physically and aesthetically. All superficial ego boosters. And here is when we not only dropped mindfulness in the Marianas Trench, we have likewise sent our practice along with it.

Students look up to yoga teachers. This is a very delicate area, that fine line for teachers of adding sparkles all over or sparkling from within. One can easily get hung up with the physical and aesthetic value of yoga. You hear these chatters in any studio:

Didn’t you do a lot of back-to-back classes before?
If I do yoga classes everyday, will I get as flexible as you?
Those pair of crops gives you a sexy tush!
How long do I stay vegan?
How does your hair majestically cascade to downward dog and swooshes right back to Tadasana?
Will hot yoga clear my skin?

Then I find myself going online at Lululemon to check if they still have another colour of those crops.

Let me look for a wall.

It’s a vicious cycle, I tell you. When you become unaware, when you become untuned, when you become unbalanced with your practice, you lose the essence of what yoga is. We lose the opportunity letting go of ego to free ourselves. When your intentions about your practice grazes only the exterior, no amount of asanas can take you deeper within; not even the hottest Sahara Desert can melt your skin issues.

Until we allow ourselves connect with better and meaningful intentions, peeling each layer of superficiality that feeds and boosts the ego, until we get to the core… in the meantime, I can share the wall with you. 😉
Namaste! =)

OR you can try these out:
InspiritedSylphicYoga to practice in shushing the ego <All Forward Bends apply but I chose some favourites here>

  • Vajrasana Yoga Mudra / Balasana (Child’s Pose), quieting the tantrums.
  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), inhale lengthen to find space for YoU and exhale to sink the ego down.
  • Halasana (Plough / Plow Pose), stimulates the core, tapping the ‘gut brain’, connecting to the centre, freeing within.
  • Karnapeedanasan (Ear Pressure Pose / Folding Leg Plough), my personal perspective is that the legs cover the ears so we don’t hear the ego; but we can hear our breath and listen to our hearts.
  • Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose), they say it’s an anti-aging pose so that can probably calm the ego 😉 But the whole of YoGa is the fountain of youth!!

Spin-Off: Cellulite: It’s Time We All Just Get the Hell Over It by Yoga With Maheshwari.
Asana links from YogaJournal, Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Aboutdotcom.
I have yet to make my own asana articles.

3 thoughts on “Ego Boosters

  1. i hear ya…i have conflicted feelings about yoga practice in my city. in some ways it feels so far away from the essence of true yoga (ie, modern-day yoga’s corporate/lululemon/superficial culture) but then, i know that i’m judging those things, which is my own ego at work! aaah!! i guess that’s all part of the journey right? it’s personal and it’s stripping away our own ego. while at the same time learning to be patient and compassionate with ourselves as we figure it out. it’s my choice how i interpret it all, and what i decide to bring to it.

    on another note, have you seen the ‘sh*t new age girls say’ youtube? that’s me in a nutshell. lol!! namaste (hehe) xo aleya


  2. Ack! I just watched it! Holy sh*t!! I just changed my name. And I keep saying it’s all part of my yogic transformation! Bahahaha!

    My community (tho they call it a city) towards yoga is the exact opposite of modern-day. Very, very conservative and religious. Hence, we get backlashed and accused as “new age sh*t”! They haven’t even heard my Om chanting! <alien background akin to mind control sound: eerweeyurweeyeeerooooweeeyurweeoooyeeer)
    Namaste, sweets! xo =)


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