Of late, I have been caught in webs of words. Words beholding wisdom and truth. They are words carrying deep emotions and perhaps, fragile thoughts that are shared here in WordPress. I am loving the words escaping from the pounding of their keyboards, revealing in a spectrum of vivid art, that is, LiFe itself.

These are my muses as I find myself having the urge to write. Yet perhaps in an overwhelming desire to say a lot, I end up, for the most part, staring at my web pages remaining blank.

Having this urge, coupled with inspiration from these amazing people I follow, allow me to write the words The Talking Voice Inside is mumbling and grumbling about, conversing in monkey chatter in my head, spinning quite recklessly at times. Akin to a spider whose web it creates, dependent on the vibrations felt by its hairy legs, the vibrations of your words resonate with the beating of my heart.

And on a side note: I don’t have hairy legs. ;p

Allow me to extend your words on how they mean for me, how touched I am with your grace and humility, how crazy my mind reels having YoU whack the bejeezus from my head time after time so I may hear my own heart.

I am at the point where I have gathered enough paint, and true to an artist’s heart, I want to let them go and release the colours of my words into a canvass.

Allow me to spin off my own web designed from your gracious, vibrating souls.

Spider-Web1I promise to cite your blogpost where the web began spinning.
Namaste! =)

12 thoughts on “Spin-Off

  1. this is all so beautifully put! i also love the wordpress world of sharing, inspiration, learning, expanding, and connecting. it still amazes me (and it probably will always!) how the digital world can bring kindred spirits together, morphing strangers into friends, as we travel this journey. the world is not so big! namaste! aleya


    1. Distance sometimes pinches… …
      But you are right that the world is not so big. We take what we can from this digital world. Preserving what is learned, using it to make us better. I think we are all here, as you say, in a journey. A journey of self-discovery, renewing ourselves from the words brought through distance, yet amazingly presses close to our healing hearts.
      Thank you for your sweet words, Aleya. My light bows to yours. =)


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