Walk the Talk

I feel like I am missing out on something. You know that feeling when something seems to hover around you but can’t quite get around to it to know what the heck it is?

And in a speck of momentary suspension from the hustle and bustle of life (remember my pensieve??), I realized what it is… nap

Even when doing a yoga pose, Bhekasana.

Sleeping Bhekasana

Only being silly here. The mind wanders in crazy crevices from lack of sleep. 😉

And in a few days time, there will be much rest and relaxation. I can give in to what my body has been yelling via bullhorn.
Yoga, sleep.
Yoga, beach.
Yoga, sleep
Yoga, possibly Folk Fest??
Yoga, sleep.
And simply what my blog says: yoga, writing and rock n roll!

Walk the TalkI need to live the life my words say here.
Walk the talk.
Namaste! =)

6 thoughts on “Walk the Talk

    1. It’s a time off from my full time job. Twice a year, they do maintenance work, summer and winter shut-downs.

      I call it: “my healing time away from the friggin building” 😉
      So hopefully, I get to write more. More meaningful yogic stuff!


        1. Lol! Then just go outside. I saw your twitter profile… Vancouver… you have way nicer weather there than here! Unless it’s raining all the time…


    1. I wish it would be right now. Summer solstice. Probably an endless sequence of sun salutations.
      And super moon on Sunday!! The weekend keeps getting better and better. =)


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