Free Yoga Classes

Summer is upon us. And what better time to be outdoors and enjoy your practice!!

Come rock your Namaste with me every Sunday at 5:30pm for an hour of flowing exploration at K.R. Barkman Park on Main Street, Steinbach. All you need is your mat, water bottle, towel, and YouRSeLF!

Mark you calendars:    July 07    July 14    July 21    July 28

Allow your spirit in creative expressions being One with nature.
See you there!

Maia Maria =)
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Linked to Facebook via Tracy Rosolowski. Lots of ♥♥♥ for TRaCY!!!

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Facing the Gazebo, the class will be on your rightmost side. The trees line up offering both sun and shade.Barkman Park | Main St




Facing Main Street

Barkman Park | Wilson St






Facing Wilson Street


3 thoughts on “Free Yoga Classes

    1. It is! I’ve scouted all the parks here and this is by far the best. Terrain-wise. It also has gorgeous foliage and I’ll probably take some shots next time and post them here.

      Thanks for visiting! Namaste. =)


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