Where do YoU want to go?

It’s odd that when I practice yoga, I can easily go…

to my body, the space around me where my limbs glide, the space I create for my body for more depth;
to the silence of meditating with only various breaths around and perhaps, soft or undulating music;
to the hot temperature forming the glistening bodies around, my feverish sweat dripping on my mat landing in soft puddles;
to the soothing, encouraging voice of a teacher accenting our moves, my moves;
to the dimness of the room where each person seems to emanate their own glow, reserved or sparkling.

Mindful of the things around
Yet immersed from within.

I feel the air from the space I create allowing me to flow in cadence.
I smell with each breath the sweetness of the stretch my muscles long to receive.
I taste the moisture of effort and relaxation dripping from my face as a sign of reward.
I hear the prominence of each action building strength and flexibility .
I see the intensified incandescence we each have stemming from within, radiating all around.

Where do YoU go when you practice?
I go to my senses.
I go with my senses.
Bringing my body and my mind in unison
With my soul, my spirit.
Even when only in the practice.
It’s a start.
Something to look forward to.
Something to believe in.
Knowing it is possible
Knowing it is always here
And there
Realizing we can always go around and within
Whenever we want to.

Alice | where do YoU want to go

We choose where to go.
Else, it will not matter where we end up.

Namaste! =)

2 thoughts on “Where do YoU want to go?

  1. I want to go out for a bike ride early this morning, find a quiet spot, hidden away, where I can sit quietly, listening to my breathe and beating heart … Drifting away on a Saturday morning. 🙂


    1. How far did you drift?
      I hope you enjoyed your ride. I shared this post with my class this morning. And one said that after going with me IN the practice, she’ll be going next for a protein shake! 😉


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