InspiritedYoga™ | Preparation & Etiquette

The quality of your yoga experience is very important. We strive for the class environment to be an inviting, comfortable and uplifting experience.

  • It is important you consult your healthcare provider for any illness before committing yourself to the practice.
  • Yogis are to provide their own mats. This includes your water bottle and a towel. You may opt for to have a yoga mat towel to prevent slipping, or a beach towel will suffice.
  • During restorative poses, the room temperature may lower your body heat. Bring a throw blanket or shawl for your use.
  • Feel free to bring your own block, bolster, or strap; although the instructor would provide you with modifications for the poses.
  • Wear close-fitting yet comfortable clothes that allows movement. Not constricting and not distracting. Wearing giant clothes inhibits your yoga instructor to evaluate your body in the different poses to help you reach your alignment. Depending on the temperature, you might want to wear layers that you can easily remove as you warm up.
  • Come to the class with an empty stomach, ideally two hours after eating. Hydrate yourself before, during, and after the class… and every single day! Cramping is a sign of dehydration.
  • Consistent yoga practice is necessary to obtain maximum benefits. Remember to rest when necessary, to work at your individual level, and to respect your body’s current physical state.
  • Know your limits. Remember, Yoga is not a competitive sport. It is a good physical, mental and emotional regimen, done within the limits of what your body and mind are capable of taking on any specific day. Some people tend to compare their performance with those of others and push themselves too hard, assuming exercise is of no use unless it hurts. On the contrary, Yoga teaches us that a tender and gentle attitude toward oneself is far more beneficial to pushing, punishing or driving yourself to the limits.
  • Arrive to the class about 10-15 minutes before to leave you ample time to ask any questions, prepare for class, and relax onto your mat. Open your mind and be prepared to have fun. Let go of your expectations, turn your gaze inward, and trust the process.
  • Please enter and leave the yoga room quietly to enhance your focus and concentration, as well as acknowledge the relaxation of others. Unroll and roll your mat quietly.
  • Remember to be respectful of other yoga students, which includes recognizing your own chatter, perfumes, colognes, or anything that might be disruptive.
  • Keep your meditation place as private and sacred. Also keep it clean and tidy. This will help it to be a place you can return to in relieving tension and meditating.
  • Always do yoga with bare feet. Remove your shoes before entering the class.
  • Turn off your cell phone. We do what we can to provide a calming ambiance, and a Katy Perry ring tone will throw this completely off.
  • Use the restroom before class to avoid interruptions later. If you must excuse yourself mid-class, do so quietly as possible.
  • Bringing of food is discouraged. Please refrain from chewing gum during class.
  • Door closes when the practice begins. To provide respect and privacy, viewing of the practice from non-practitioners is refused. Instead, join the class and experience it yourself.
  • Respect Savasana (laying on your mat). If you must leave class early for some reason, advise the instructor before class, relax first into corpse pose before leaving. Otherwise, you’ve essentially transitioned into the walking dead, and nothing is more distracting for the remaining yogis/yoginis than a yoga zombie.

Namaste! =)


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