My Down Dog

For the second time in a short number of days, I intentionally missed my yoga practice.

I took my huge dog for a walk yesterday. Awesome day. Warm and partly cloudy. He loved it. He loved it sooo much that he doesn’t want to go home. Started rolling himself in the middle of the street. Cars were swerving on the side because of us. It was funny and embarrassing. I was getting upset because I’d miss my yoga. He is making me late.

But he gave me that look. The kind where you can only hear your own heart and his. And in spite my mind telling me to keep yanking him up, though I assure you it’s impossible because of his size and weight, our hearts won. I spent the rest of the afternoon with him, walking more. And laying on the grass in my backyard.

We’re both happy. I’m not sorry at all I missed my practice.

Moments like this make me appreciate how I continuously grow. While my life revolves mainly on yoga, the people (and animal) around has allowed me to experience taking my practice elsewhere. It is never only the studio. Never only the mat. It has always been balancing myself anywhere else. That I think is an awesome practice in itself.

And I thank my sweet dog for taking me down, literally and figuratively, back on the ground.

Namaste. =)

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