It’s a smoothie concoction of whatever I have available at home. I was inspired by one of the bloggers here, Body Karma, to go back to my smoothies, home-made. Ever since I’ve left my previous life, things have all been for convenience for me. I rather buy than slice and dice. I am always on the go and I make the most of time. Sometimes too much. Well… I am a work in progress.

Smoothie Concoction

Almond milk
Almond yogurt
V8 V-Fusion Strawberry Banana
Almond Tofu Dessert
Vega One Vanilla Protein Shake
Apple slices
Dried cranberries
Baby Spinach
Baby Kale
Heck, even Spring Mix!

I’d have probably added broccoli if I had it; but I cooked that yesterday. The point of the concoction is whatever you literally have in your fridge, in your pantry that is nutritious creating an easy drink with fiber, vitamins, protein, calcium, etc. I can not comment on its nutritional facts but aside from their own NaTuRaL sugar content, this is healthy. And filling. And yes, yummy!

And as to the amount/serving of each ingredient, it all depends on how much you want it to taste.
Cheers and Namaste. =)

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