Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart

The VoiceIntuition plays a vital role in any yoga practice. It is eVeRYoNe’s inner guidance that we often misplace as something mystical or scary.

But you know what?

It is mystical.
And it is scary.

It is mystical because you may not see a logical reason to it.
It is scary because it bears the truth that we are sometimes not ready to hear.

Learn to trust it though.
It is very freeing when the whispers seem to explode in a cadence of harmonious music.
Then you let go of your guard – the one thing that inhibits your growth, the one thing that shuts the door to a path meant for you.

I listen to a lot of folks who become so wary to trust their intuition because of past experiences, whether feeling pain or loss or any other negative consequences. And they rather stay in their comfort zone than feel hurt again. I ask now… how certain are you that you really listened to your intuition?

Deciding on something because you wanted it is NoT exactly intuition. When decisions involve more of desire, then be ready to get disappointed from time to time. Intuition is your insight to your deeper SeLF, that voice who usually begs to be heard, but gets overwhelmed by a gazillion chaotic clamour of life.

It isn’t usually easy to hear it. More so to listen to it.
Yet the more you shut it off, the less chances wisdom enlightens you.

“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.”

~ Robert Gary Lee

When you experience a similar pain over and over again that seems to whack every sense you possess… your iNTuiTioN *shaking its head with a tsk! tsk from its lips!* is telling you… “You listened to something else”.

Namaste! =)

2 thoughts on “Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart

    1. Shel Silverstein is one of my faves. I read a lot of his books to amazing kids back then, about 500 years ago… but his words are eternal. Namaste. =)


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