Sooo… I just installed the WordPress app on my phone. I’ve been delaying it… it can be an addicting thing. Don’t want to really spend a lot of time virtually. I easily get carried away, sweeping me off my feet… and there goes my life.

It can be
App+lifting… as there are sooo many people here pressing really inspirational words to soar with.
It can be an
App+beat… as the optimism and cheerfulness of the posts are very encouraging to dance with.
It is
App+ermost… elevating myself as both the silence and din of the blogs create a vacuum and richness to my practice.

I like to think of it as a Yin&Yang app, opposing and contradicting. We can never have the best in both worlds and be content with what we write or what we read. But it is a lifetime learning to balance ourselves App+side-down. There is no other way of seeing the world differently.


2 thoughts on “App+

    1. Haha! I’m very much into my phone. A lot of things are in there. To say it’s my life may be exaggerating; but lots of yoga-related stuff are in it.
      And the balance… Bah! I’m actually on my phone now. Grrr…
      Oh well… *ponders app+side-down* =)


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