“Stay Away, Gluten!”

I’m finding it more and more taxing to do grocery shopping. Not only do I restrict myself from the other aisles and stick with gluten-free foods, when by chance I need to find something, I spend sooo much friggin time reading at labels. It doesn’t help when I forget my glasses; those ingredients seem to be getting smaller and smaller in printing.

But to help y’all where to stay away from… “What Contains Gluten?”… Click on the title link to guide you. Essentially, there really is not much left to shop for. =/

And when my annoyance turns into frustration to exasperation to aggravation, my ever-so unhinged mind begins to question why and where this friggin thing, gluten, corrupted our bellies. I question who introduced it to me. Should I blame my parents? My grandparents who are suckers at our native rice cakes? All the school nuns who insisted I learn how to bake? And I looove pasta… =(

I know… there are choices for gluten-free food… it’s just sad… and more pricey… and limiting, as society and the industry are STiLL not conscious of what gluten does to our bodies. I don’t understand why having gas does not seem to bother them. … … KiDDiNG! 😉

But jokes are half-meant. Have gas OR Stay away from gluten. Your choice.

Namaste! =)

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