Dumbledore is a lucky headmaster. He has a Pensieve to siphon his thoughts from his mind, keep them in the dish, and retrieve them when needed.

I don’t have a Pensieve.
And the chaotic symphony my thoughts create, as much as it can be a fabulous orchestrated show, they can eventually lead me into a melancholy sense of disaccord, within the various my-selves, unknowing where to begin or to end.

Such is my dilemma where my attention seeks to devour every bit of what my senses come across with. I am a very hyperactive individual.. and without my yoga practice, even when done everyday, I am this fantastic mess of a restless spirit bouncing all over the place.

So I get spaced out. For no reason. And simply stare into nothingness. I can not even recall where my mind went off to… … except in space, I guess.

And that’s where my Pensieve lays. My own dish of thoughts siphoned away… even for a few seconds… where a sense of relief descends upon me… that nothingness where comfort can be attained… where harmony is created within the different me(s). I find it very relaxing… and yes, downright funny.

I’d be in the middle of paying for gas, and end up staring in the debit/credit card machine. “Uhm, you need to push some buttons”, says the cashier…

A friend at work, Andrea, noticed my spaced out moments. And we both think it’s cool and awesome… so we’ll both stand side by side and get spaced out together…

And I get spaced out while eating. This is a thing since childhood and it comes and goes.

It’s not something like walking to your desk and forgetting what it is you need to get from there. Nothing like that at all. That’s typical amnesia from being too damn of a multi-tasker. Oh yeah, I can be that, too!

This is simply a pause, suspended in my whereverness. It may be a root cause of something far more crucial. But I don’t want to worry myself over that wicked notion. For now, I enjoy my spaced-out moments, my own Pensieve dish, my own brief solace. And it’s enough to get me by and bounce back to my fidgety thoughts.

What’s significant is I can live with this awesome trait, be totally fine with it, and use it to serve a better me.
It is in finding an inspiration even to the most troubled parts of us.
That’s what counts. That’s what matters.
Namaste!! =)

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