A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I sit here 30 minutes before showtime. Row 5 Seat 9. Aisle seat. Couldn’t ask for a better
spot. The people gradually trickle in… like raindrops filling up empty spaces on a surface. The din becomes louder as more drops parade in an otherwise empty theatre. Tickets were sold out.
My son is playing Theseus. And tonight is the the last show, playing nightly the whole week. I feel the culmination of their efforts, cast and crew alike… the sight of the finish line for parents, like myself, who has driven their children here and there for practices. The exhaustion is soon to be rewarded by a sweet release of completion.
So I sit… and watch the trickles pour into a big puddle of excitement, cheers, hoots, and banters. We are ready to taste the last piece of a dream on a midsummer night… in the middle of our long winter.
Reposted. Evernote. February 23, 2013

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