Sweet Rose

I’ve changed my name.
I kept the nickname.
I kept the first name… that is now the second name.
I dropped the old second name.
And got my grandma’s last name.

Still with me and my name?

There are numerous reasons for changing one’s name. And there are a zillion reasons why we shouldn’t.

But that’s just it.
Shouldas and the wouldas.
I’ve found it difficult to always conform.
I find it very annoying.

The changes happening in our lives happen for a reason. The reasons may not always be visible; but they are there. And it is always up to us to see the changes to however they serve us. We have the choice – is the change an enemy or an ally?
When we allow these changes flow freely within us, the reasons for such changes manifest before you.

Letting go of the shouldas and wouldas… it is not easy as we have come to live in a world where even our sense of being seems to be dictated by norms and directed by standards.
It is only ourselves who can adapt the norms acceptable to us.
It is only ourselves who can steer the standards guided by us.
It is only ourselves who can choose to change.

It took me some time to decide on my name. It took 300 years to decide whether to do it or not. But in the end, my sense of self-worth prevailed.
I won’t be dictated.
I won’t be directed.
I choose to kick away the shouldas and wouldas.
I have changed my name as a way of emancipating myself from my past, to mark a new direction for my life, a part of my thoughtful, authentic life journey.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
What matters is what something is, not what it is called.”

So call this sweet rose, Maia.

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