The journey awaits long and far
     It is one’s purpose to know who we are
     Countless aches and pains to bear
     Would you just sit back and stare?
Or would you continue head held high
     Across that desert windy and dry?
     Limping while you walk on the sands of time
     Heaving up to the crest continuing to climb
Slipping to fall back sinking into a hole
     Grieving alone to your very lost soul
     Once again you stand and trudge that span
     Running wild before it even began
Only to descend back to where it started
     Staring at your feet and how it is meted
     Pausing to probe what is in those shoes
     Stones you see and they serve as clues
Tempted to remove them takes a lot of effort
     Surrendering instead to their discomfort
     Knowing the stones bring you more than mere pain
     Scratched and bleeding the spirit still remain
Using the sorrow to gain what is meant
     Wiping those tears and all that is spent
     Carry on the odyssey to where it may lead
     With the stones in our shoes we all so need.
Reposted in wordpress from my own postings on another journal

2 thoughts on “Odyssey

    1. You’re welcome. And thank you for reading.
      The pain helps us grow, bakebooks… surrendering to the pain is difficult; but the healing is simply amazing.


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